This story – Winging a Save – is about a female Mexican-American chef who has to save her restaurant. She decides to use an unusual ingredient to make a differentiated menu for a Cinco de Mayo party. This party may be her last – or will it?

I’ve written about my love of mole many times! I was introduced to it in my early 20s through my girlfriend from New Mexico. I was enthralled by the complexity of the flavors and ingredients. Once I was introduced to it, I had to learn how to make it. I won’t kid you—it’s an all-day affair. So, pick a nice rainy or snowy day and get in ‘la cucina’ to try it. Of course, if you live near a Mexican restaurant that serves it, most will let you buy a pint or quart. But there is nothing like making it yourself.

turkey with mole sauce

I also came up with turkey wing tacos when I lived in California. Just like Valeria in the story, I’ve always loved the turkey wing at Thanksgiving. I love the crunchy skin and the fall-apart tender meat with mashed potatoes and stuffing. Just writing this makes me hungry! Turkey wings are great for budget-constrained chefs, too. They are cheap yet super tasty and versatile. If you can’t find mole or don’t want to make it, another great option is to spread avocado mash on the bottom of the tortilla, top with turkey wing meat, and garnish with a light oil and vinegar-dressed slaw.

turkey taco

The moral of the story is to think outside the box about your constraints – whether it is about your business, your dinner menu or a personal dilemma. The answers will surprise you if you open your mind.

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Sandra Richardson