My shows are different than what you’ll find on most gourmet cooking videos! I have a different constraint on each show and demonstrate creative ways to work around them. My shows are short gourmet cooking videos designed to help you understand my methods and inspire you to become a constrained gourmet along with me. They should motivate you to think about how you can commit to gourmet cooking, despite whatever life throws at you. Don’t let it stop you if you are missing an ingredient, cooking in less than ideal surroundings, around people who make you stressed or pressed for time.

These are just some of the constraints that we all face, every day. These shouldn’t stop you from gourmet cooking. Invest a few minutes in watching my gourmet cooking videos to give you ideas about how you can overcome these challenges. Be the hero with your friends and family no matter what constraints you face!

Feeling blue on the day of your party? It’s happened to every one. This is a tough psychological constraint to face, but I will help you with coping strategies to get through the party and and have a good time with your guests.

Shark Attack! The ultimate constraint has to be making a gourmet meal after being attacked by a shark. Watch my story, my recovery and my menu.


Who doesn’t love tacos, especially in the summer?! Watch my Taco Tuesday Summer Series on the blog. We’ll be making tacos with ingredients that you’ve never thought of using. No boring skirt steak, carnitas or chicken for us! I’ll introduce you to interesting ingredients for tacos that you’ll love to make for your family and friends.

Warning: much wine is consumed and used in this video! My friend, Giovanni, brings a mystery ingredient and we make dinner together and have loads of fun in the process.

When you have houseguests, make a gourmet breakfast – even if you have a hangover from the night before!

Having a dinner party on a tight budget? Watch I’m Broke for a great menu, wine choices and a plan for success!

Want to keep your dogs happy, healthy and save money on dog food? Make your own! Here is how to do it.