This story – White Marble, Silver Hair – is about an elderly Italian lady named Lidia who is struggling to find the balance between her traditions and dating as a widow in a retirement community. Unfortunately, she falls for the community womanizer, Giovanni, and learns an important lesson. But in the process, she makes friends and gets outside of her comfort zone. In the end, who learns more – Lidia or Giovanni?

In the story, Lidia uses a white marble table to make homemade pasta and ravioli. The marble table was the one piece of furniture she took to America when she married her husband over sixty years ago. I suppose I got this from watching my Italian mother, who uses a white marble table to make homemade pasta.

I never buy fresh pasta in the grocery store. I have made it so many times now, that I don’t see the need to pay $8 when I can make it for less than half that amount and it tastes way better. Try it! You may make mistakes the first few times and that is ok. The hardest part will be ensuring that the well doesn’t break and your eggs run over the counter. But if they do, just start over. Once you get the hang of it, I  promise that you will never go back to store bought.

make fresh pasta at home

fresh pasta

When we talk about making homemade pasta, we refer to it in terms of how many eggs are used, i.e., 2-egg pasta, 3-egg pasta, 4-egg pasta and so on. As you increase the number of eggs, you obviously increase the amount of flour. In terms of flour, I have found that the best mixture in the U.S. is half AP (all purpose, unbleached) flour and half semolina flour. You do not put any salt. It is just eggs and flour.

I hope you will try. It is honestly one of the best tastes in the world!

Ragu alla Bolognese

Fettucini with Ragu alla Bolognese


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