This story, Tuba’s Tale, is about a little German Shepherd puppy named Tuba who went from being a complete monster to stealing my heart. I wrote the story from his perspective, starting with his imprisonment all the way through his life. As you know, I love animals and have rescued three cats and four dogs. They have all been special to me in their own way. But I’ve said many times that whoever coined the phrase ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ clearly never had a German Shepherd.

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Tuba had his own little kitchen table, even though he was so big that he could not only see our kitchen table but could rest his head down on it! This dog loved food. And I’ve always made all of our dogs’ homemade dinners. The reason that I started cooking for the dogs is because my first dog (and one of the great loves of my life), Sherlock, had epilepsy. He was having seizures every other week. So, I enlisted help from a naturopathic vet in addition to his regular vet. He recommended some Chinese vitamins but also suggested that I consider cooking for him. Apparently, some of the ingredients in dog food can be bad for our sweet pooches.

So, being the process and efficiency expert that I am, I created a routine of making a big batch of dog food each weekend and then cutting it into daily portions. Within weeks, Sherlock’s seizures reduced from bi-weekly to about four times per year. Progress was motivating for me, and I kept up with it! I added cooking for Watson and Tuba when they were added to the family. Now, I cook for Ahsoka just like I have done for the past twenty-five years.

Tuba's Tale

Who saves who?

You may think that it sounds like an extravagance, but I urge you to do a cost comparison. If you buy high-end canned wet food for one of your pet’s meals, it will cost twice homemade food. I usually buy a rotisserie chicken and add frozen vegetables, brown rice and treats if I have them, such as parmesan rinds cut into small bites. Check out the video and don’t forget to consider dog treats when you have a little extra time! Treats are also great holiday gifts for your dog’s furry neighborhood friends.

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