Stirring Stories from Around the kitchen table

The Constrained Gourmet is the creator and author of a series of short stories called Stirring Stories from Around the Kitchen Table. The fictional, emotionally stirring stories revolve around the kitchen table, which is the nucleus of the family.

Some stories are sweet, some are sad, and others are funny. They typically involve some level of cooking since there is a kitchen table component, and I bring those stories from fiction to reality for you by supplying the recipes. If the menu sounds good in the story, check out the accompanying recipe. I will usually have some real-life story to accompany the recipe, such as when I had the dish for the first time or how I grew to love (or hate it!) over the years.

I decided to start writing fiction later in life. I’ve been writing my entire business career and still do. My business writing is factual and designed to help companies communicate their vision, position their brand, become acquired, develop meaningful partnerships, and create growth strategies. While I love helping startups and high-growth companies, I was yearning to create my own world where I could magically make up characters, life paths, and outcomes. It has proven to be healthy for me to explore this creative side of myself.

Sandra Richardson poem

It was twenty-six years ago that I wrote my first (and only) poem called ‘The Winds of Change.’ I was in a transition in my life and wrote it to express what was happening to me. I remember reading it to my father, a lifelong educator. I was pleasantly surprised when his response was so strongly positive and encouraging, telling me how good it was. While that made me feel good, I put it in a drawer and went back to ‘making money.’ I found the poem recently, which I have kept in a special folder for all these years and through six moves back and forth across the country. It was on lined paper and handwritten. I remembered how much I liked that poem and submitted it to the Montreal International Poetry Contest this month.

It’s never too late in life to explore and grow personally. I completely reject the thought that people over a certain age can’t learn. I am learning every day – from the young hotshots in the startups that I work with to other fiction writers eager to share how to get your stories read. Keep dreaming, keep learning, and keep cooking!

Sandra Richardson