This story – love.exe – showcases two techies as they meet and proceed to help each other in Silicon Valley. Their shared love of food is a bond that helps bring them together.

The couple in this story is on a road trip from Silicon Valley to Santa Barbara, where they stop for lunch and enjoy a charcuterie platter and a side of Romesco Sauce. I have always loved Romesco Sauce with almost anything—fish, meat, charcuterie, sandwiches, pizza, and, especially, grilled shrimp.

I often use Romesco Sauce at parties because you have to make it ahead, so one or two days in the refrigerator is preferable. It is an excellent foundation in little spoons for langoustines, which makes a very attractive appetizer for your guests.

happy hour

I won’t give away the story (because I want you to read it!), but I also resonate with the rotund woman who recommends this dish to the couple. In Italy, we once wandered into a trattoria. There was a gorgeous Roman woman who greeted and served us. She asked if she could bring us what she thought we wanted. We were all intrigued and agreed. It was amazing! Just by looking at us, she brought us all the dish that we would have ordered. Maybe she was a genie or a witch, but I don’t care because the food was amazing!

I love Romesco sauce in the summer. It’s a great accompaniment to grilled fish and meat, and you don’t have to heat the kitchen to make it! If you can find the summer’s peak peppers and tomatoes, this sauce will not disappoint you. The sherry vinegar is a must. Please do not skimp on this ingredient. There is an edge to the sherry vinegar that blends beautifully with the peppers, tomatoes, almonds and paprika that cannot be overstated.

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Sandra Richardson