Welcome to the Constrained Gourmet! This is your resource to stay gourmet when life gets in the way. We all have constraints that arise in our daily life and that shouldn’t keep us from gourmet cooking. In this food blog, you will learn techniques – how to maintain a gourmet lifestyle even when you have no time; lack kitchen tools; missing ingredients; lack cooking skills; have stressful psychological impacts; and budget pressures.

Not only will you learn how to deal with these everyday constraints, but you will have a lot of fun learning about other things around food and wine. I have advice for at home cooks, special events and corporate management offsites where the whole team cooks together and tackles a constraint. I’ll help you with the right wine recommendation for your dinner, too. I’ve got a lot of resources to help you in the quest to maintain a gourmet cooking standard for yourself, your family and your friends. Enjoy!