In this class, I will teach you a few recipes to make healthy dog gourmet food.

We’ll also make treats (jerky, cookies, cake) for our dogs. Save money by making your own good and help your dog be healthier. Try making your own healthy dog gourmet food and you won’t go back.

Sherlock constrained gourmet

Sherlock is the reason I started cooking for the dogs

I started cooking for my dog, Sherlock, when I learned that he had epilepsy. In addition to his medicine to control the seizures, I explored natural remedies. Once I researched dog food, I started making it for him. Within a short time, his seizures fell from one every couple weeks to 3-4 per year. He experienced a dramatic and positive change!

Since then, I’ve been cooking for all of my dogs. Read my blog and get recipes about healthy gourmet dog food.  It’s cheaper than buying high end dog food and they absolutely love it. In this class, we’ll make food for our dogs while we sip wine and munch on appetizers. Just because we are cooking for our dogs, doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun, too!

Watson Tuba constrained gourmet

Watson and Tuba love their dog food

Healthy dog gourmet is $60/person with a minimum of 4 participants. Grab your friends and register today!

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