Would you like to do better at  food and wine pairing? When you consume food with wine, they can both impact the taste of the other. Think about a super simple example of drinking orange juice after you’ve just brushed your teeth. The orange juice which is perfectly sweet on any other occasion will taste unpleasant and acidic when it reacts with toothpaste. The same effect can occur when you pair wines for your dinner party with the wonderful food you have created. There isn’t any reason to create an unpleasant taste — simply learn how to pair food and wine together and you’ll be a star!

Let me help you with food and wine pairing!

Your taste buds can only distinguish five basic tastes: sweet, sour, umami, spicy and bitter. These basic tastes, however, when paired with wine can be altered. This is why we search for the perfect matches, like oysters and champagne; steak with cabernet sauvignon; pasta with chianti; and blue cheese with sweet wines. Of course, taste is subjective and each person has likes and dislikes that don’t fit a mold. However, you can use the basic science of food and wine pairings that will make the majority of the people very, very happy. You’ve worked so hard on your dinner party, don’t let a bad food and wine pairing distort the flavors.

In this class, we will explore how to pair wine with food that is sweet, umami, acidic, salty, spicy and fatty. We will debunk the old ideas that ‘red wine is paired only with red meat and white wine is only paired with fish’. Have you ever had a beautiful Pinot Noir with scallops? If not, you must try some new ideas!

food and wine pairing

Etna Rosso with charcuterie is a perfect pairing

While this is a introductory course, I recommend taking the Wine Tasting 101 class prior or having knowledge of wine color, aromas and flavors. This class is 1.5 hours long.

In Person – $100/person; minimum of 4 persons; food and wine included
Virtual – $75/person; Skype or video conferencing capability needed; CG will supply ingredient list, utensils needed and wine pairings; you supply the location and ingredients.

This class will change how you think about the tastes in your food and how your wines can enhance the experience. If you are interested in taking the class, please send me your preferred dates and times below.

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