I have a confession. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach. Case in point: every year, I always plant more in my garden than a normal person can use. But, being the Constrained Gourmet, resourcefulness is one of my guiding principles. So I have to find ways to use it all! And basil is absolutely one herb that I yearn for every year. This time of year, our basil is at its best and will soon start to go downhill. I’m drowning in basil, but I’m not going to waste any of it.

Think pesto recipe!

This video blog will help you make a basil pesto recipe and give you many ideas of what to do with your pesto beyond pasta. Save your pesto for a cold December day or, if you’re like me, don’t wait and just eat this silky, sexy, tasty sauce right now!

pesto recipe

People think that making pesto is difficult, but it really could not be easier. There is no reason to make it in advance because it takes so little time to make. However, once made, it must be kept air tight because air is what will discolor your pesto and effect the flavor. Doesn’t this look delicious? Time to make a pesto recipe!