Have fun and learn traditional Italian recipes cooking with Nonna!

The ultimate constraint? Grandmothers in Italy are resourceful and creative in the cucina because they learn early on in life to make the most with what they have. Nonna learned from her mother and grandmother on the family farm how to use fresh, local ingredients and extend meals. Nonna has terrific stories about cooking for the farm workers and making long tables of polenta for them at lunch.  Nonna is an exceptional cook and a ball of fire fun to be around!

Ragu bolognese constrained gourmet

Ragu bolognese

Nonna is from the Veneto and cooks in the northern Italian tradition of this region. You’ll have a blast at this class learning Italian recipes and cooking with Nonna and her daughter, the Constrained Gourmet. Grab your friends and sign up for the class!

Cooking with Nonna is an in person class -$100/person; minimum of 4; food and wine included

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