If you are single, you know that one of the hardest parts of dating is finding the right person to spend time with in a safe environment. You are super lucky if you can find a group of singles where you all enjoy the same activity. So, “look” no further!

Constrained Gourmet brings you cook and look – a cooking class for singles

Seeds of a new friendship

Seeds of a new friendship

This class is designed for a group of singles who all like to cook. I will select a menu, demonstrate it to you and apply a constraint of my choosing to make the class more fun, challenging and game like. I will also rotate the group around – think speed dating and cooking at the same time. You will have an opportunity to meet everyone in the class and cook with them so that you interact with many other singles. At the end of the class, we’ll enjoy consuming what we’ve created. Have a glass of wine or beer as you cook and just enjoy learning and having fun!

wine tasting

wine tasting

I will create classes for any group composition – men and women; over 55/under 55; all men; or all women – whatever you want. You can also elect to make your class an introduction to wine tasting, food and wine pairing, cooking with Nonna or even healthy dog gourmet (bring your dog!). All you need to bring is a great attitude and we’ll have a lot of fun. If nothing else, you’ll meet some other potential friends who all like to cook!

In Person – $100/person; minimum of 6 persons; food and wine included

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