So, maybe you don’t cook gourmet because you have a lack of cooking skills. That’s understandable. But, feeding yourself is a basic requirement to stay alive. If you have to do it, why not try and acquire the skills to make great meals for yourself?

cooking class with friends

Cooking class with friends

Tips and tricks for cooking gourmet when you have a lack of cooking skills:

  • Try. Pick out a recipe, obtain the ingredients, and try. You will make mistakes, but that is how we learn. When have you ever learned something that you already knew? You learn by making mistakes and trying again. Believe me, when you are finally successful, it will be sweet!
  • Be reasonable. Don’t start out by picking a recipe that is super difficult. Try easier recipes first until you get the hang of cooking. Look for recipes with 5-6 ingredients and 3-4 steps. This will ease you into the more difficult recipes over time.
  • Learn the Basics. Learn the basic techniques and sauces for cooking that will catapult you to make many other dishes. For example, Italian tomato sauce is a very basic recipe. If you can learn this, you can make 15 other dishes, too.
    See how in my video:

  • Call your mom. Moms are wired to love to help you. Ask your mom to give you a few simple recipes that you loved while growing up and re-create those. If you know what the aromas and flavors should be, it will incentivize you to try them.
  • Plan, plan, plan. You should think about what you are trying to achieve and plan it out so that you don’t try to do it all at once. For instance, a meal can be broken up into phases. Some parts you can do in advance so that you aren’t rushed at the last minute. Spend some time thinking about this. I lay out the plans for a dinner party over the course of a month with the day of the party planned to the last minute of all tasks and when they should be completed.
  • Take a class. Instructors love to help you from basic knife skills to how to cook a certain cuisine. If you take an in-person class, you can meet others at your skill level and learn together. Maybe you’ll make some new friends! Or take a virtual class. Either way, there are tons of ways to learn.