If you’ve never had oxtail tacos, you are in for a huge awakening of your palate and your mind! I love making tacos from unique ingredients, not the typical steak, pork, or chicken at every taqueria. I really enjoy thinking about how to make something different from an ingredient that I typically use elsewhere. For example, I usually use oxtails in Italian menus, serving them over pasta, risotto, or polenta. But on a taco, they become a star on their own.

Oxtail tacos are unique and delicious!

After you’ve cooked the oxtails, as I’ve demonstrated in the video, begin building your taco. Use a good quality tortilla and heat it in a dry pan for a few seconds on each side until it becomes soft and bubbles a little. On top of that, use either shredded lettuce or cabbage with a little lime juice and olive oil sprinkled on it. Then build it as you like! I use oxtail on top of the lettuce, pico de gallo, avocado, radish, cotija cheese, and cilantro. You will be blown away and make these both when you have leftover oxtail from another menu or on its own to impress your friends for a Taco Tuesday party. Bon Appetito!