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Contact Constrained Gourmet

I am located in the beautiful Napa Valley. I work with many companies in the San Francisco bay area, but I also work nationally. I am interested in hearing from you and encourage you to contact Constrained Gourmet. Let me know if you have feedback, questions, want to sign up for a corporate culinary team building or would like consulting on a special event.

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I’ve approached this as a differentiated offering. I’m not focused solely on what I like or what’s popular like other food blogs. Of course, some of that influences all of us. But more so, I want my food blog to be a resource for you that provides techniques that help you navigate the constraints of life. It’s impossible to be unaffected by constraints, so I want to help you learn how to go with it and still maintain a gourmet lifestyle! This food blog is intended to help you with skills and experience to navigate the curve balls that life throws at you. I hope that you bookmark the pages that you like, return often and use some of my offerings to help improve the cooking part of your life!

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