Corporate Culinary Team Building Events

Corporate Culinary Team Building Events

Don’t just cook at your culinary team building event – learn something important to your company in the process!

My unique approach to culinary team building is to incorporate constraints unique to your team.

The first step in my process is to meet with you to talk about your executive team and the dynamics. What would your team like to learn at this culinary team building event? It could be better communication between the team members; improved project management; or how to be more innovative. Is there a stress that we want to learn how to work around within your team? I will construct a custom event for your team that incorporates a menu; demonstration; and a constraint unique to your team. I might remove ingredients, change the schedule or order of the menu, or ask you to work without key kitchen equipment. We can implement the culinary team building in a game-like challenge for those who like competition; or we can focus on a more collaborative approach for those who want to work together better. Either way, my culinary team building events will leave you with a unique learning experience in a super fun environment. You will eat the food that you jointly prepare and wine and/or craft beer included.

corporate culinary team building
Class prep

I attended many executive offsites during my corporate days. I was the Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of a project management software company for 17 years. During that time, I attended and planned many executive offsite events, designed to think outside of the box and bring teams together. While always valuable, I often felt that the positive nature of the event wore off pretty quickly once everyone got back to work and their primary jobs. I was always looking for something that would be more lasting to help the most important leaders in our company for a longer period of time.

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The last offsite event that I organized incorporated the theory of constraints (this is a nerdy reference that all of the project managers reading this will get!). I saw a cohesiveness after that event that we never could sustain for a long period in prior events. Sure, we always bonded and had fun. But this event was different. Even months later, the team was still texting each other pictures of what they made together and what they learned. Total success with one culinary team building event that you just can’t buy with regular training.

corporate culinary team building
Wine tasting class

The Constrained Gourmet culinary team building is a cost of $500/person with a minimum of 8 in a class. This event includes consultation and data gathering with you; custom constraint developed around team learning; menu development; instruction; food and wine or craft beer. If you like, you can add on services for hotel and dinner reservations; winery visits or and other requests while in wine country. Travel and custom location charges and/or additional services are not included.

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