Constrained Gourmet is not like all the other gourmet cooking resources. Constrained Gourmet is about techniques to deal with cooking challenges and produce a gourmet meal when you are faced with the constraints of life! Unless you are a 1%er, it’s normal to be faced with constraints. You can either give up and serve hot dogs, get take out or rise to the challenge and make gourmet meals for you and your family. It’s your choice. If you choose the path of gourmet cooking, I will guide you!

The Constrained Gourmet will help you when you are faced with everyday cooking challenges.

Some of the constraints we face are emotionally based and some are environmental, such as:

  • Unexpected guests
  • Missing a key ingredient
  • Cooking for someone you don’t like
  • Grilling/cooking outside/camping
  • Cooking at someone else’s house
  • An abundance of a certain ingredient
  • Stress and lack of time
  • Picky eaters
  • Fear of the unknown/something you’ve never cooked before
  • Low budget

Gourmet cooking should be about making great, wholesome, upscale food for you, your family and your guests. It can be accomplished in many ways, not just by following precise instructions from a chef. Let’s be realistic – life throws curve balls at you all the time. Keep calm and gourmet on!

constrained gourmet
I’ve always believed that a recipe is an idea, not a mandate. Use what you have, more of what you love, and experiment. Put your personality into the dish. Sure, you may fail occasionally, but don’t we learn the most in life from our failures? We also need to be open about the psychological aspects of cooking. The feelings that we have toward food and the people we are making it for translate into the end product. Stress produces constraints. For example, we’ve all had to cook for a person that we don’t like. Don’t hide in the kitchen or resign yourself to a horrible evening. I will help you with creative ideas and coping mechanisms to make it work for everyone. Join my movement to bring gourmet cooking to our everyday lives! Don’t be intimidated by cooking trends or pressure to have every new kitchen gadget. You’d be surprised what you can do with one pan, one great knife, a pot and a bowl!