I lived in Napa Valley wine country for quite some time. I was active in the Farmers Market to promote the use of fresh and local ingredients in our cooking. I hope you enjoy learning from my cooking demos at the Farmers Market to share creative ways to use seasonal produce from our local farms.

Today, my husband and I often go to the Farmers Market with no intention of what we will buy or make for dinner. We let the availability of ingredients guide us. 

Now that I live in St. Augustine, Florida, I had to reset my expectations about fresh ingredients because the availability, quality and quantity of produce is quite different than the abundance in California. But, there are always pros to the cons. We have beautiful fresh fish and tropical fruits that weren’t available in wine country. Don’t let the constraints get you down! Learn how to work with the ingredients available to you in your corner of the world.

KVON Wine Country Live radio interview

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