cooking should be fun!

Let me help you stay gourmet when life gets in the way. 

Welcome to the world of the Constrained Gourmet! I will help you navigate cooking constraints like lack of time, skill, ingredients, tools and more!

Sandra Richardson Constrained Gourmet

Sandra Richardson is the founder of Constrained Gourmet. Sandra is a serial entrepreneur and founder of six companies. She consults with technology companies to help them grow, scale and exit. She is a former technology company co-founder and operator. She uses her business and technology skills to help home cooks navigate the constraints of life that can keep you from cooking gourmet. Sandra is passionate about food and wine and can often be found concocting new meal ideas with fresh ingredients. Sandra doesn’t follow recipes but uses them as a guide to create gourmet meals based on her liking with fresh and local ingredients.
Sandra founded Constrained Gourmet to address the issues that we all face when cooking. We lack time, ingredients, skill and tools. We all face stress when we are entertaining that can get in the way of enjoying cooking. Sandra brings a common sense approach to navigating these constraints which can help aspiring home chefs entertain with ease, cook with confidence and find the joy in the moment.

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